Japan Virtual World Conference&Expo 2008

Bar Tube © Paul Cohen 2008

I popped out yesterday to the Japan VW expo at Tokyo Big Sight . Some of the more interesting exhibits that caught my eye:

  • Masterpiece – a “beta” multi-world 3d printing service from an Akihabara firm involved in gamedev. When the cost comes down and quality goes up these real models of avatars etc will become excellent merchandising items for online musicians to add to their marketing toolset.
  • Eitarosoft’s mobile 3d virtual worlds. They have an interesting solution to scaling the system to allow up to 400 people to access a virtual town at one time. I’d tell you how but then I’d have to kill you…
  • Vizimo’s lightweight funky world that supports up to 8 people at a time. Current version allows users to design physics enabled games/activitities from pre-built components [next version to allow import of user created content], with integrated sns.
  • Daletto World has an interesting look, with flat 3d characters.
  • SL ® was well represented, and opensim/realXtend also had some demos from 3rd party providers.

After attending the virtual worlds party in the early evening I visited the Tokyo 2.0 SNS party next door, the Japan SNS and Linux worlds events being held concurrently in the same hall as the virtual worlds event. Fortunately the beer and food at the web 2.0 party proved to be a little more real than the virtual worlds one!

A gaggle of VW people then met back at Bar Tube in Shibuya, where Philip Rosedale signed the Toilet Door, a tradition at Kanda-san’s bar when visited by internutz celebrities.

Bar Tube © Paul Cohen 2008

Another loose bar tube jam session eventuated with a number of people swapping off on different instruments – Hayashi-san from Impress on drums/bass, Kanda-san [owner of BarTube and well know IT/Video journalist] on bass, japanese j-rock guitar legend Hatake-san on bass/guitar, Komuso on harp/bass [badly I might add!], various jpop singers, Jets Fride on guitar/Bass and even Philip Rosedale attacking the flying V – though we had some trouble tuning that beast and it took Hatake-san to finally tame it into submission! Rock and Roll!

Bar Tube © Paul Cohen 2008© Yabush Yamdev 2008

All images © Paul Cohen 2008, apart from image to above right © Yabush Yamdev 2008

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