Business Consulting

Commercial Experience Examples (startup, corporate)

  • Jack Welch Management Institute (USA) Competitive Market Analysis
  • Crimson Education (US/NZ): Startup Business Operations manual for country Managing Directors
  • (NY) : Pitch Deck development for Series A follow on funding.
  • Deloitte (USA): Pilot project to accelerate global enterprise RFP development and response.
  • (NY): Cognitive Behavioral Therapy startup.
    • Core technology development.
  • Sanofi (Tokyo): Medical Rep sales training simulation development.
    • Branching simulation incorporating green screen video.
  • CSC (Tokyo): Senior consultant.
    • Development of Life/J, the most implemented Policy administration system in Japan.
    • Zurich – On site client customization.
  • Senior Consultant (Systems Development)
    • Occidental Seguros (Lisbon,Portugal)
    • Royal Life/Sun Alliance (Guernsey)
    • Norske Liv (Oslo,Norway)
    • Barclays Finance (London, UK)
    • Suncorp (Brisbane, Aust)

Business and IT Consulting projects for a variety of clients in a range of industries, including:


Web/App Design/Development

Various client app & web development projects. Specialized in troubleshooting, complex cloud architecture design, API integration, custom plugin development and customization.

Problems Solved

Many complex client projects via Codeable (and other platforms) including eCommerce, eLearning, and other domains.

Testimonials and Profiles

Other apps and websites include:

Additionally, this site itself is designed using WordPress and Divi


  • Unity to Native iOS/OSX/Windows/Android/WebGL/VR
  • Node.js,React,Vue, Quasar,Firebase,MongoDB++
  • Javascript,Typescript,CSS,HTML++
  • WordPress,WooCommerce++
  • Many others!

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