Streaming Live Music

A long term action research project on networked virtual live streaming music performance, virtual experiences, and interfaces.
Solo performances and collaborative live networked real time music jams with musicians around the planet.

Live Music has long been the “Killer App” of the SecondLife online social experience, acting as the glue that binds people to come together for shared experiences.
I’ve produced and performed at 1000+ events in SL and have learned a lot over this time in areas as varied as:

  • Virtual event production
  • Virtual set production
  • Platform evaluation
  • Technology strategy
  • Streaming Audio and Video
  • Virtual platform economics
  • Virtual event management

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I developed an interactive reactive AI controlled rhythm section that responds to my playing dynamics in real time.

Networked live music with musicians from two countries  (Japan/Canada) simultaneously.

Networked live music with musicians from two countries (Japan/Taiwan) simultaneously.

Neurofeedback and Biofeedback “InnerActive” games

Biofeedback “InnerActive” games

Mind/body/spirit integration and performance enhancement.

Developing a series of single and multiplayer biofeedback audiovisual instruments/apps for Second Life and other application environments utilizing SCL, HRV, and EEG interfaces:

  • In game events, mini-games, and audiovisual music instruments
  • Download this Interview about neuro & bio feedback performance in SecondLife, Second Life Newspaper, 04/04/06
  • Workshop Presenter at free-play 05 Indy GameDev conference
    “An Introduction to Biofeedback Interfaces for games and instruments” sponsored by WildDivine
  • Live performances utilising various technologies and interfaces. 1. Pink Cow, Tokyo, 8/01/06
  • Real Life/SL mixed reality bioPerformance ARTTour 2006 20/21 May 06

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