Paul Cohen

Creative technologist and hands-on technology strategist. I like solving problems and delivering positive results.


“Paul knows his stuff. I’ve been doing high level development for over 10 years. 30 minutes with Paul and my mind is blown.” Aaron H Foundry512

“Paul was fantastic! He was professional, timely, easy to work with, very communicative, and extremely sharp. I would hire him again in a heart beat.” Liz Crimson Education

“Went above and beyond. Incredibly smart, incredibly responsive, incredible resource – bringing other information to bear. Wonderful experience.” Steve, CEO Shindig

This is My Story

I’m a hands-on technology strategy consultant with 20+ years international experience on a variety of projects including WordPress, Enterprise IT, web/mobile applications, eLearning simulations, educational apps/games in teams of all sizes.

I do strategy development, business planning, market research, product management, project management, development, and teaching. While I have deep expertise in a number of areas I would never claim to be an expert. You always have to learn new things, integrate them into the old, and apply them to new contexts.

I’m a former world champion in 8-way team sport parachuting who competed in 3 world championships for Australia (2nd, 1st, 4th).


As the bluesy world music infused slide guitar/harmonica/electronica cyborg “Komuso Tokugawa” I perform music in online virtual worlds using a dynamically controlled AI (Artificial Intelligence) Rhythm Section. Read more at


Sonicviz: Play Smart


Who am I?

I’m a creative technologist who understands the business, product, project, design, and development aspects involved in taking ideas from concept to realization. I also develop/support my own products and understand the business and customer perspectives.

What is a Creative Technologist?

Creative technologists are primarily technology-focused individuals who develop information technology & media solutions for digital innovation projects. They are knowledge silo boundary spanners who collaborate across many areas to design software prototypes, enhance digital user-experiences, and deploy solutions to problems old and new.   

What do I do?

I provide consulting services in:

  • Digital Innovation, Transformation, & Technology Strategy
  • Technology Analysis & Evaluation
  • Product & Project Management
  • Software Design & Development.

Testimonials and Profiles

Commercial Experience Examples (startup, corporate)

  • Online MBA Learning (USA) Competitive Market Analysis [Top 20 Online MBA program]
  • Educational Placement (US/NZ): Startup Business Operations manual for country Managing Directors
  • Video UCC Platform (NY) : Pitch Deck development for Series A.
  • FirstLearning (Tokyo): Computational thinking program for early learners
  • Deloitte (USA): Pilot project to accelerate global business response.
  • (NY): Cognitive Behavioral Therapy startup. Core technology development.
  • Sanofi (Tokyo): Medical Rep sales training simulation development. Branching simulation incorporating green screen video.
  • CSC (Tokyo): Senior consultant. Development of Life/J, the most implemented Insurance Policy administration system in Japan. Base Project/Zurich/ING – Client customization. [CSC is now DXC Technology]
  • Senior Consultant (Systems Development – Insurance Industry)
    • Occidental Seguros (Lisbon,Portugal)
    • Royal Life/Sun Alliance (Guernsey)
    • Norske Liv (Oslo,Norway)
    • Barclays Finance (London, UK)
    • Suncorp (Brisbane, Aust)
  • Virtual Street Musician: SecondLife, The Internet
  • Street Musician: Las Ramblas++



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