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Full Flap Boogie

Full Flap Boogie

https://youtu.be/wFgUZ1-do3M Touring the world with Location Manager for some Full Flap Boogie action in the Got Friends DoubleEnder. Content Links: Location Manager: https://sonicviz.com/project/location-manager/ DoubleEnder:...

From Flight Sim to Digital Twin: The Evolution of MSFS

From Flight Sim to Digital Twin: The Evolution of MSFS

I recently gave a talk about past, present, future of MSFS at Nerd Nite Tokyo, titled “From Flight Sim to Digital Twin: The Evolution of MSFS” There’s a lot of things that you could talk about when projecting the future of what MSFS could be, based on the progress...

Earthquake Data Scope

Interactive Data Visualization & Exploration I recently attended the Rakuten Technology Conference 2016 and saw a very interesting presentation from Erik Berlow titled "Next-Generation Interfaces for Thinking with Data", which was about data scope interfaces. I'm...

Internationalizing Meteor with Universe:i18n

What is Internationalization? Internationalization: Internationalization is the design and development of a product, application or document content that enables easy localization for target audiences that vary in culture, region, or language....

3 Key Reasons Digital Transformation Projects Fail

Digital Strategy drives Digital Transformation, not Technology Digital technology changes quickly, and this can impact your business dramatically if you’re not ready. Digital Transformation is the process of taking your Digital Strategy and applying it to your...

Technology is Changing The World of Work

The speed of technology change is happening faster than ever before. The social change as a result creates both opportunities and threats. The impact on business can be seen in areas from recruitment to customers to operations. What is your Digital Strategy in...

Better Parenting Through Technology – Part 1

I've started a new website for 2015 focused on coplay, game-based learning, and music neuroscience. These areas are particularly important for early childhood learning, but can also be applied across the age spectrum.   Check it out at coplay.ninja

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