Fopra – Focused Practice

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Update Oct 2018: This project has now been retired as is no longer live

FOcused PRActice ( is a timing tool to help you practice music (and other things) more effectively. It’s a session timer that lets you split your precious practice time up into three stages: Warmup, Practice, and Perform. You can read more about how to use it on the about page at

I’m interested in developing educational tools to help people learn faster and more effectively so this is another small step in that direction.

Please use it and give me some feedback! Note: Best used with Google Chrome browser

Technical Development

This is also a prototype app to test a number of things I’ve been exploring in the rapid web application and PWA (Progressive Web App) development space. PWA’s are single page applications that can work both online and offline. You can also add the app to your mobile device homescreen just like a “normal” mobile app but without the friction of having to deploy it through an appstore as it’s a pure web application. You can find the “Add to Homescreen” option in your mobile browser settings.

Fopra is built with a vue.js based framework called Quasar ( Having worked with some other reactive javascript frameworks such as Meteor I am really impressed by the quality of Quasar, considering it comes from a one man operation.

Some other things I was also testing with this app were Gitlab’s CI (continuous integration) processes and SPA hosting via, complete with Https & CDN support.


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September 25, 2017

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