Generative Music System

Algorithmic Music with seeded HMM and Stochastic Noise

A demonstration of a prototype generative music system using a variety of techniques from seeded HMM to stochastic noise.

The prototype has two generative music systems:

  • A generative controller that uses a hidden markov model to generate new compositions from a seed music database
  • A random music generator using a variety of algorithms from a windchime emulator to stochastic noise.

The system is built with Java, and uses an open source synth ZynAddSubFX as the sound source.
It was written in 2006  based on research work I did for my Music Masters degree in 2003, and I’m currently porting parts of it to C#/Unity & HTML5/WebAudio.

In 2007 I produced 2 relaxation music albums each with 4 x 15 minute tracks using this system, mixed with ambient environment nature sounds from another generative system. Currently these are offline but I hope to redistribute them again sometime. Here is a track from Album #1:

Generative music systems are a rich field of exploration, and the methods presented here are well known.
I have extended them a little more with some added features such as:

  • Object database containing seed compositions with metadata
  • More parameters for randomization and variability
  • More experimentation with noise generation algorithms to drive music generation

Potential uses of such as system are varied:

  • Affective computing  – detected user emotions to drive system feedback via music mood matching
  • Art and music therapy
  • Music education

Some screen shots are below, followed by a video that briefly explains both systems.

Seeded HMM Generative Music Generator

Seeded HMM Music Generator

Stochastic Random Generative music generator

Stochastic Random music generator

Check out the video for a more in depth explanation.

You can read more about my music research here:

Sound/Music R&D


Streaming Live Music

A long term action research project on networked virtual live streaming music performance, virtual experiences, and interfaces.
Solo performances and collaborative live networked real time music jams with musicians around the planet.

Live Music has long been the “Killer App” of the SecondLife online social experience, acting as the glue that binds people to come together for shared experiences.
I’ve produced and performed at 1000+ events in SL and have learned a lot over this time in areas as varied as:

  • Virtual event production
  • Virtual set production
  • Platform evaluation
  • Technology strategy
  • Streaming Audio and Video
  • Virtual platform economics
  • Virtual event management

See also:

I developed an interactive reactive AI controlled rhythm section that responds to my playing dynamics in real time.

Networked live music with musicians from two countries  (Japan/Canada) simultaneously.

Networked live music with musicians from two countries (Japan/Taiwan) simultaneously.

Music Flow

Adaptive music composition driven interactively by real time 3D artificial intelligence.

Prototype for a VR project in the health and art therapy market.

Built using Unity3D

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